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Your views on the health and PE Curriculum

"Your knowledge about drugs, personal development is more extensive. Like this is information that you actually need during everyday life, unlike calculus and Shakespearean quotes."

More views on the health and PE Curriculum

Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas on health and physical education in schools, your ideas have been submitted to ACARA and will inform the curriculum.

Brooke Sachs on the AYF Steering Committee 2013

"We all care about making the lives of young people in Australia as good as possible - about providing avenues for feedback and consultation with government, ..." Read more.
Photo of Jacara Egan

Jacara Egan on Youth Homelessness

"Being homeless is not only about roughing it on the streets… it can take many forms and the number one reason for a young person to experience homelessness is due to family break down"

Young People and Mental Health

"The AYF wants to hear the thoughts of young people on mental health and wellbeing. The AYF is especially interested in what works to ensure young people are supported to maintain their mental health"

Have A Say: Youth Homelessness

Did you know that over 25,000 young people aged between twelve and twenty four are homeless? This is one quarter of the Australian population. Got any ideas on how we can reduce homelessness?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages

The AYF wants to know what young people think about language programs in schools. Let us know your thoughts on this issue.


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