Australian Government action on body image

To help build young people’s resilience to body image pressures, the following steps have been taken:

  • The Initiation of the Positive Body Image Awards, which recognise the positive steps taken by fashion, media and entertainment, health and wellbeing, and advertising organisations and individuals to promote positive body image messages to young people, in line with the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct. The 2013 Award recipients were announced on Friday 9 August 2013.
  • Release in 2010 of the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image developed by the former National Advisory Group on Body Image. The Code outlines principles to guide the media, advertising and fashion industries to adopt more body image friendly practices.
  • Provision of funding in 2010 to The Butterfly Foundation, the leading national charity focused on eating disorders and negative body image, to expand their body image education services. Over 2500 educators received new resources through this initiative, with an expected reach of over 100 000 young people.
  • The commissioning of Education Services Australia in 2010 to develop body image posters and supporting materials for school communities. These resources provide practical guidance to assist schools embed positive body image policies and practices in their school environment.

These initiatives focus on building young people’s resilience to negative body image pressures and promote leadership and positive cultural change in the fashion, media and entertainment, health and wellbeing and advertising industries.